Mission Statement

Steel Eagle International (SEI) are able to provide a diverse range of security, advisory and training services. Our genuine client focused approach helps us provide a concentration of specialised knowledge that really makes a difference. We see our clients as partners and will always make their satisfaction a priority. No matter the size of the assignment instruction or the site, we are always delighted to tailor client needs to their own special requirements.

The experience and abilities of Steel Eagle International’s training staff has been derived from extensive operational deployments in a variety of theatres, often under intensive pressure and in extremely hostile environments with their own specialist military units. Steel Eagle International’s training teams have been recruited mainly from the British Special Forces; we also have many other specialists from various security backgrounds, who are experts in their own chosen security field.

Steel Eagle International will identify the client’s exact requirements and confirm objectives. We can then conducts feasibility studies and or our confirmatory reconnaissance to produce the complete training plan in line with the client’s expectations.


We aim to be the premium turnkey solution for most organisations on every continent.

Our objective is to provide our clients with a security solution which meets our five core principles.

  • Dynamic workable security solutions for our clients
  • Confidentiality and professionalism to the highest standards
  • To gain the assured loyalty and trust of our clients
  • Maintain ethical business practice at all times
  • Deliver Genuine and Unique products

Areas of operation

Steel Eagle operate in many envrionments across the globe with extensive experience in Africa.

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