Hostage Rescue Training

This course is designed to train personnel to full operational status in hostage release operations. The training programme would comprise extensive practical elements and would need to be conducted in various suitable training areas, with easy access to live-firing facilities and training areas where exercises incorporating realistic scenarios can be practised safely.

The course would commence with basic weapons skills and work up to a final exercise, which would conclude with a full-blown hostage rescue.

The course would include but not be restricted to the following:

  • Weapons Training (all weapons that might be required in a hostage-rescue situation)
  • Medical Training (everyday ailments to advanced trauma care)
  • Methods of Entry (MOE) [explosive & covert methods of entering strongholds]
  • Unarmed Combat (hand-to-hand combat & disarming techniques)
  • Field Craft (all necessary field-craft skills)
  • Close-Quarter Battle (CQB) [individual & team drills]
  • Hostage Rescue (stronghold assault techniques & safe rescue of hostages)
  • Miscellaneous Subjects (miscellaneous training)
  • Weapons Range Skills (to confirm safe handling and hone marksman skills)
  • Practical Exercises (for the purposes of practicing & consolidating skills learnt)

Course Objectives.

On successful completion of the course, trainees would be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to use various weapon systems effectively & accurately
  • Demonstrate effective CQB skills
  • Treat colleagues effectively utilising para-medical skills
  • Demonstrate an ability to enter strongholds using different MOE
  • Quickly & effectively disarm any enemy
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills operational skills in different scenarios
  • Rescue hostages from various types of stronghold quickly & effectively