Special Forces Training

This course is intended to take the training of the soldier to the next level.

The proposed course will be run in two phases:

The Selection Phase

  • Map Reading Assessment and Map Reading Instruction
  • Weapon Training Assessment and Limited Weapon Training
  • Battle Fitness Test
  • Combat Fitness Test
  • Group Practical Map Reading
  • Pairs Practical Map Reading
  • Individual Practical Map Reading
  • Endurance Training
  • Test Exercises
  • Basic First Aid Medical Training

The Continuation Phase

  • Weapon Training (for host Nation's weapons)
  • Range Practices
  • CQB (Close Quarter Battle)
  • SF Patrolling Techniques, to include ambushes and target attacks
  • Fieldcraft
  • Communications
  • Advanced Medical
  • Physical Training and Unarmed Combat
  • Demolitions
  • Specialist Weapons
  • Exercises